Following Kidde fire extinguisher recall of over 40 million fire extinguisher across the USA, Canada and Mexico, Kidde recently announced a recall of 170,000 fire extinguishers within the UK. The recall follows a car fire in which one person died. Emergency responders attending the fire could not get the Kidde extinguisher to discharge. This fatal incident, along with a further 391 reports of Kidde extinguishers failing to discharge or nozzles becoming detached, prompted the company to issue a product recall that now includes around 170,000 extinguishers currently in service within the UK.

Blackthorn Fire are offering anyone affected by the Kidde extinguisher a free site survey to identify which extinguishers are being recalled. Blackthorn will provide a floor plan detailing what type of extinguishers are in use and where they are located across your site. Where existing extinguishers are coming to the end of their service life, Blackthorn Fire can supply the P50 Composite Extinguisher as a replacement. The P50 range not only delivers BSI and ISO approved levels of fire safety, it also delivers ongoing cost savings.

Conventional fire extinguishers require annual maintenance, incurring recurring expenditure beyond the initial cost of purchasing and installing them. The P50 Composite Extinguisher delivers British Standard Institute and ISO standards of safety yet requires no annual servicing, eliminating the cost of a servicing contract as well as the need for unknown service engineers to be present on your premises. Better still, as more and more old extinguishers are replaced with the new P50 Composite Extinguisher the amount of money saved grows. In other words, you can provide state-of-the-art fire protection enjoy recurring savings.

A further saving can be made thanks to the P50 Foam Extinguisher being approved for use on electrical fires of up to 1,000 Volts. This means that a single P50 extinguisher can be used in locations where previously both water and CO2 extinguishers were required.

If you are affected by the Kidde fire extinguisher recall, contact Blackthorn Fire on 0333 006 5822 to discuss how we can help you minimise the disruption, and help you deliver BSI and ISO rate fire safety at significantly lower cost.