More than 60% of UK secondary schools and nearly a quarter of all UK primary schools* have now converted to academy status, receiving their funding directly from central government rather than local authorities. An upshot of this central funding has been the sharing of best practice, in particular regarding how schools can make efficiency savings that allow them to invest more of their budgets directly into delivering the best education for their pupils. Already, a number of primary and secondary schools have started to make ongoing savings by replacing expired fire extinguishers with the award winning P50 Composite Extinguisher.

Conventional fire extinguishers require annual maintenance, incurring recurring expenditure beyond the initial cost of purchasing and installing them. The P50 Composite Extinguisher delivers British Standard Institute and ISO standards of safety yet requires no annual servicing, eliminating the cost of a servicing contract as well as the need for unknown service engineers to be present on school premises. Better still, as more and more old extinguishers are replaced with the new P50 Composite Extinguisher the amount of money saved grows. In other words, schools can provide state-of-the-art fire protection and turn recurring expenditure into recurring savings.

The British made P50 Composite Extinguisher comes with a 10 year operational guarantee and a 20 year life cycle. Should any P50 be discharged in the course of fighting a fire, it is replaced at no cost to the school.

As official distributors of the P50 range Blackthorn Fire can advise schools on the most cost effective way to update their fire extinguishers. This includes a free site survey that identifies the location of every extinguisher, along with a timeline of when extinguishers need replacing.

To find out more about the P50 Composite Extinguisher range visit or call 0333 006 5822.

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