From schools and hospitals, to factories and retail parks, there are few locations that aren’t suitable for the P50 composite fire extinguisher. Highlighting this versatility even further is the recent installation of P50 extinguishers at the Tiger Moth Experience based in West Yorkshire.

The Tiger Moth Experience offer the chance to take a flight in one of the few remaining Tiger Moth planes. The flight experience includes a pre-flight briefing before taking to the skies above the magnificent Yorkshire countryside and taking the controls under the guidance of one of their experienced pilots. Flights raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund , the RAF’s leading welfare charity.

The same P50 foam extinguishers are installed within the hangar and briefing rooms as well as used alongside the aircraft on the airfield. Such is the effectiveness of the P50 that it extinguishes an aviation fuel fire that a conventional foam extinguisher fails to.

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Video courtesy of Mark Stone.